Announcing our 2021 Consumer Sentiment Tracking Study

Posted by Leger ● Mar 12, 2021 2:22:34 PM


In 2020, 360 Market Reach (now Leger) conducted ongoing consumer sentiment research to help our clients stay on top of the rapid and far-reaching changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving social and political concerns. Building on the themes and insights that emerged from our research, we are pleased to announce the launch of our 2021 Consumer Sentiment Tracking Study.

We see 2021 as a time for both consumers and businesses to re-imagine their approach to a number of topics such as financial security, health and wellness, and social issues.

Our first tracking report of 2021 looks at trended data from January to February 2021 to establish our baseline, with a focus on how Americans are responding to the current state of the Nation, and opportunities for brands to connect with consumers. Highlights include:

  • In both January and February, 73% of consumers express a positive outlook for 2021
  • 78% express optimism about affording living expenses in January, on par with February (77%)
  • Optimism about life overall is similar in January and February (69% and 70%, respectively)

Download the full report to read all the details and you'll be signed up for notifications when we post monthly research updates throughout the coming year, so you can stay current on how consumers are adapting to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, and the many other factors that we expect to shape consumer behaviors and needs this year.

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