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Our goal is to share with you some learning/ideas (mostly about marketing research, but if we uncover some really great business or life guidance that we think might be of interest, we’ll share that too). Please feel free to share with us as well… we’re always interested in new insights!

Perspectives on the Republican Primary Debate

U.S. Consumers’ AI Concerns and Support for Regulation

Telework: U.S. Workers' Opinions and Preferences

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Pat DePietto Named to 2023 Insight250 List

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U.S. Consumers’ Perspectives on the U.S. Economy and Mental Health

The Latest Trends in Health and Wellness May Surprise You

U.S. Consumers’ Perspectives on Trump’s Indictment, Crime, and Violence

U.S. Consumers’ Perspectives on AI Tools and the 2024 Presidential Election

As the “first fully digital” generation, Gen Z expects gaming as part of the brand experience

As lottery jackpots soar, a new study explores player motivations for gaming.

The U.S.-Canada Relationship: Where Are We Similar and Different?

New Leger Travel Study Explores Consumer Interest for Under-Tourism.

Study finds new ways to appeal to sports betters as state laws loosen.


What’s hot in Health & Wellness as Natural Products Expo West approaches.

Inflation is Impacting Consumer Attitudes in Q4, but Opportunities Remain.

Leger Acquires 360 Market Reach

What Consumers Want to Give for Holiday Wellness Gifts

How to Sell to Gen Z during the Holidays (2022)

Holiday Shopping 2022: What are Consumers Planning to Buy this Year?

5 Consumer Insights to Support Travel Industry Brand Building

Labor Day Travel 2022: Are Consumers Ready to Get up and Go?

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Refining Your Luxury Brand Strategy

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4 Reasons You Need Foundational Market Research in 2022 (& How We Approach It Differently)

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Using Consumer Behavior to Connect with Baby Boomers

Top 3 Gen Z Travel Trends That Every Travel Company Should Know

4 Wellness Beliefs That Help Define Gen Z

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Connecting with Generation Z Consumers

Leaving the Nest: Second Quarter Consumer Sentiment 2022

What Is Revenge Travel?

Millennial Consumer Trends: What They Believe & How to Engage Them

​4 Reasons Why Market Research Is Vital for Travel and Tourism

Deeper customer connections through qualitative research.

Consumer Insights: Seeking Flavor in Unsweetened Beverages

Research in Focus: Brand Positioning for the Future

Bound to Be Better: First Quarter Consumer Sentiment 2022

Consumer Trends 2022: Overall Shopping Trends

2022 Shopping Insights Research: Personally Impacted by Trends

Consumer Trends 2022: Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Activism

Consumer Trends 2022: Prioritizing Health and Wellness

How Businesses Can Leverage Health Conscious Consumer Behavior

2022 Consumer Trends: Minimalism Hits the Market

Forecast: Shopping Will Be Robust for the 2021 Holiday Season.

Emerging from the Pandemic- Understanding 2022 Consumer Behavior

360 Market Reach Announces Launch of a Future-Proof Innovation Process for Brands to Stay in Front of Evolving Market Trends

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Announcing our 2021 Consumer Sentiment Tracking Study

The Top 5 Consumer Trends That Will Shape 2021

2020 Holiday Shopping Forecast: How the pandemic will shape consumer behavior

Health And Wellness News: Top Consumer Buying Trends in Meat Alternatives

Health And Wellness News: Meat Alternative Demand Surges During COVID-19

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