As the “first fully digital” generation, Gen Z expects gaming as part of the brand experience

Posted by Leger ● Apr 10, 2023 11:58:20 AM

There are plenty of examples of how gaming has become more a part of everyday life. Now more than ever, brands are looking to gaming and digitization to improve the consumer experience. As Gen Z ages toward working age, they will continue to drive the proliferation of gaming according to a new study from Leger.

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Brands are driving engagement through gamification and augmented reality (AR)

Smart brands are already thinking about how Gen Z will change the market landscape by expecting more engaging and gamified experiences. Consider these recent newsworthy brand examples:

Gen Z is more driven by Convenience and Winning/Losing versus older generations.

Leger recently studied what gamers value with their 2023 Player Value Gaming Index. Versus older generations, Gen Z placed greater emphasis on convenience and winning/losing as reasons to enjoy gaming:
  • 90% of the Gen Z audience plays video/social games online. 
  • Gen Z is more likely to spend heavily on social/video gaming and casinos vs. older generations.
  • More than half of Gen Z plays the lottery (51% scratch, 58% draw games).
  • 48% of Gen Z participate in sports betting. But, as laws loosen and Gen Z discovers the appeal of winning/losing and the convenience of betting via mobile phone/app, the popularity is expected to grow.

Drivers of Player Gaming Value for Gen Z by Gaming Type:


What does Gen Z’s adoption of gamification mean for the future?

Increasingly, consumers crave gamification as a convenient distraction from everyday life. With the rise of Gen Z as the first “fully digital” generation, brands will need to continue to evolve to gamify the Customer Experience. Now is the time to learn how gamification can be relevant for your brand. The expert researchers at Leger understand the future of gaming, and have decades of experience with primary consumer research. Learn more with a free consultation from our team. Visit

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