Using IHUTs as Part of Your Research Plan

Posted by Leger ● May 1, 2020 9:07:29 AM


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For decades, In-Home Usage Tests (IHUTs) have been the most true-to-life way to gather product performance feedback on a National and International scale. This methodology takes into consideration cultural and regional preferences for taste, smell, touch, etc.

Consumers have the ability to share their feedback before, during, and after usage via online surveys/journals and through video. They use the products in a natural environment whether in their home, on-the-go, or on-premise for B2B products, providing more organic results.

Our team designs and implements the research and analyzes the results to specifically address the decisions the research will inform


Leger provides quick, cost-effective, and insightful feedback to our clients by: 

  • Recruiting highly engaged participants - requiring the lowest number of product mailing possible

    • We go the extra step and make phone calls to all those who receive product to ensure we are on track for timely, quality completes

    • We prepare all participant communications

  • Delivering quantitative and qualitative insights needed to make decisions

    •  Highlight key areas of product performance and storage, detailing ways to improve

    • Overall recommendation and scorecards are provided for each product 

    • Video clips/montage of usage bring insights to life

  • Handle all product fulfillment by blinding product when appropriate, label and store/ship products in the best way possible to ensure timeliness as well as keep products fresh

Special Considerations During Covid-19

Please know, we are closely managing safety protocol. We work with state-of-the-art climate-controlled warehouses who closely follow the CDC’s best practices for keeping participants and staff safe. The warehouses are continually being disinfected and all staff are required to wear masks and gloves. The employees work a minimum of 6 feet apart and are constantly monitored for any signs of illness, for everyone’s protection. We regularly ship product all over the world and always are up-to-date on the International and National shipping restrictions and safety protocols.

Reach out today to learn more about how to incorporate IHUTs into your upcoming research plans! 



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