Leger x The Atlantic: An In-Depth Look at U.S. Residents' Perspectives on the Economy

Posted by Leger ● Dec 21, 2023 6:00:00 AM

As 2024 approaches, U.S. residents are divided about what the state of the economy will be in the future. From December 8 to 10, 2023, on behalf of The Atlantic, Leger surveyed U.S. residents about their perspectives on the national economy and personal economic situations, including the factors they use to evaluate the economy, their debt, how they feel their economic situation compares to their parents’, and much more.

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Highlights of our report on the U.S. economy include…

  • 44% of U.S. residents think the U.S. economy is doing worse than last year.
  • 36% of U.S. residents think that a year from now, the U.S. economy will be worse than now, while 37% think it will be the same as now.
  • When evaluating how the economy is doing, 24% of U.S. residents rely on inflation, and 20% use the cost of living and goods and services.
  • The top three information sources U.S. residents use to make up their minds about how the economy is doing are their personal economic situation (31%), local newspapers, tv, or radio stations (30%), and/or national newspapers, tv, or radio stations (29%).
  • 32% of U.S. residents think that the inflation rate is rising compared to a few months ago, while 38% say that it’s staying the same, and 15% say it’s falling.

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